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When the power of recommendation matters, you can rely on buzz marketing

What do the majority of Internet users do when they want to purchase something or use specific services? They roam through the search engine to read a review or recommendation. According to the statistics, this is the modus operandi for up to 82% of Poles who trust the reviews published in the network before making a purchase decision, for instance.

buzz marketing

Unleash the potential behind favorable opinions to gain new customers

Use your knowledge about how important positive reviews are for many Internet users. Discover the power of buzz marketing to attain your objectives: raise the interest among prospects and affect their purchasing decisions.

Buzz marketing is a technique that allows to deliver product/service/brand information to a wide audience which may become your customers. The essence of buzz marketing is to initiate discussions and encourage people to share their own opinions. The objective of web forum entries and comments posted under press releases is to engage users in a meaningful discussion.

However, buzz marketing should not be based on fake positive reviews. Note that it is unethical for company employees (or third-party contractors) to impersonate customers. And what about the outcomes? In such cases, buzz marketing is nothing more than spamming, which is unacceptable.

Why opt for buzz marketing?

Buzz marketing is very controversial. Some say it is ineffective and may be counterproductive. As a matter of fact, a single unfortunate remark may sometimes be enough to harm your brand. However, if buzz marketing activities are conducted thoughtfully, you can only benefit from it:

  • You will increase the interest in your company.
  • You will strengthen your company’s image.

These two main reasons are enough to launch a buzz marketing campaign.

Note that each favorable mention about your products, services or company quickly sticks in memory. A user who had an experience with your company, even if only in the Internet, will quickly recall it when needed. All of this results from buzz marketing.

Let us make a hype about your brand in the Web

Buzz marketing means making a favorable hype in the Internet about your own brand or related products/services. With us, you can do it professionally.

We perfectly know how should an effective buzz marketing campaign look like. Our creative minds are full of interesting ideas and will help making that positive hype about your products/services and brand.

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